Flipping Bloom’s Taxonomy

This article by Shelly Wright, Flipping Bloom’s Taxonomy really sums up my approach to how I teach composition to my students at LREI. We are a progressive bunch and when I had the idea that my students should learn about how music works by creating something first I was given great support. We’ve all sat through boring and seemingly meaningless theory and analysis classes only to wonder when we would actually get to make music. What’s more, it was always difficult to incorporate what we were learning in theory class directly into our compositions. I think education, and especially music ed., will continue to put creation at the beginning of the process and I think above all this is the ultimate value of using technology in our classrooms. With the YCIW curriculum I’m asking students to create pieces and make choices first, then as a class we look at our choices and talk about the results that we want. Head over to our website and you can hear the results. 


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